August 2018 Service Coupons in Tacoma

Save on your next vehicle service visit with the professionals at Car Pros Kia in Tacoma, WA! Our service department is happy to give our drivers great coupons and offers on common vehicle services. Check out the current deals, and book your next service appointment online.

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Famous Kias in Film and Television

People are not the only ones looking for their big break in Hollywood. Sometimes cars get their own place in the fame game. Check out these lucky Kias that have gotten time on the big and small screen.

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How to Change a Fuse on Your Kia Vehicle

Owning a vehicle means that occasionally, there will be small issues that need attending to from time to time. One minor issue that often pops up is a blown fuse. With a little know-how, this is an issue that you can easily resolve yourself. Read more.
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How Do I Change My Oil?

Regular oil changes are vital to a healthy engine. Keep your vehicle in peak condition and get up close and personal with what goes on under the hood of your trusted travel companion. An oil change might be simpler than you think.
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