1. Price

Car Pros Kia constantly shops the competition to ensure that we offer the best prices to our customers.  That means you can trust that at Car Pros Kia you will find the same low prices offered by independent mechanics and quick lube franchises. 

2. Training

Car Pros Kia and Kia Motor America invest considerable money on continuous training to ensure that technicians are up-to-date on today’s increasingly complex vehicles.  Most of our technicians also are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).

3. Technicians

Today’s technicians must be electronics experts as well as good mechanics.  That’s why Car Pros Kia hires some of the most experienced technicians in the industry. With access to specialized equipment, our techs have all of your needs covered. While you wait, you can enjoy a comfortable, clean waiting room with wifi and gourmet coffee.

4. Protection

A new car is one of the largest investments most people make.  So you’ll want a top professional to take care of your investment.  Car Pros Kia offers highly trained technicians, state of the art equipment and factory specified parts.


5. Convenience

Some auto repair places can only provide oil changes and light maintenance for your car.  However, Car Pros Kia can provide all needed maintenance and repairs for your vehicle.  Additionally, Car Pros Kia offers 24 hour drop off and after hours vehicle pick-up.  Many customers will be eligible for a loaner car while their car is being repaired. We also provide airport drop-off.

6. Equipment

Some diagnostic equipment for today’s automobiles can cost tens of thousands of dollars.  Only franchised new car dealers are required to purchase and use the best equipment.  Also, only new car dealers maintain computer links to the factory’s service experts.

7. Parts

Car Pros Kia has an extensive inventory of factory original Kia parts.  This means that we have access to the best parts to get your Kia repaired quickly and correctly and get you back on the road. We also offer a huge selection of Kia accessories.

8. Guarantees

Our reputation is built on your satisfaction.  That is why Car Pros Kia guarantees every repair we make. Plus, genuine Kia parts are guaranteed by Kia.

9. Warranty

Every new Kia sold carries a manufacturer’s warranty that specifies maintenance schedules and repair procedures.  Service from Car Pros Kia eliminates the possibility of voiding your warranty for failure to meet these requirements.  Car Pros Kia is also proud to offer extended service agreements for additional protection.

10. Satisfaction

In both sales and service, your satisfaction is our primary goal.  At Car Pros Kia, we feel the best way we can do that is to offer you the best car at the best price, and then provide you with the highest quality service for your vehicle.  If you are ever less than fully satisfied by anything at Car Pros Kia, please let us know.

REMEMBER: Only an authorized Kia retailer, such as Car Pros Kia, can perform repairs covered by Kia’s Long Haul Warranty.

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