Keep your eyes peeled next time you are at the movies or watching television at home, and you might just glimpse some Kias you recognize. You might even be surprised how many you notice once you start looking. It may also to surprise you to find out what a chameleon the Kia can be and its ability to shift between character actor and a lead role.

The Kia plays in the background, quietly waiting for the moment to shine, in some films, such as:


Twilight Kia Sportage 2008.jpg

Transformers: Age of Extinction:

Transformers Kia Sorento .jpg

Independence Day: Resurgence:


Kias can also be seen, playing their part to perfection in shows such as:

Breaking Bad:  


Criminal Minds:

Criminal Minds.jpg

The Kia is not just a background extra in film, however. It plays its part in a number of films as the dutiful police car. Most notably, the Optima and Sportage got some major screen time during the James Bond film, Skyfall.

Untitled design.jpg

Movie commercials are also a place where Kias get to demonstrate their talent and versatility. The 2017 Kia Sportage had a leading role in an X-Men: Apocalypse movie commercial, showing off its power and precision. The Kia Rio got a chance to show off its playful side in 20th Century Fox’s Rio commercial, with which it shares a name. Kia also got a chance to shine in a full-length feature film, starring alongside Saturday Night Live star, Kate McKinnon.

In the 2016 holiday movie, Office Christmas Party, the Kia Sedona gets a major moment to shine. Not only does the Sedona get the opportunity to be shown on screen, but a good deal of time is spent riding around in the generously sized vehicle, but is also loved by Kate McKinnon’s character, who mentions the vehicle by name. The SNL star doesn’t mind sharing the screen with her talented co-star.

Keep an eye out for Kias on the road and on your screens! Let us know of any famous Kias we missed in Hollywood.